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Boarding at BridgeMill Animal Hospital

We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to making sure your pet has a comfortable and safe stay while boarding at BridgeMill Animal Hospital. We treat your pet as we would our own. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care with compassion and an emphasis on patient comfort. Our entire team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique needs of each individual pet.


Vaccinations: All pets must be up to date on all required vaccines. For dogs, the rabies vaccine and distemper/parvovirus vaccines must be given annually unless a specific 3 year vaccination was given and is current.  The Bordetella vaccine (Kennel cough) must be given semi-annually within the last 6 months leading up to your pet’s stay. Puppies must go through a series of distemper/parvovirus boosters and may have a different vaccine protocol than adult dogs. For cats, the rabies vaccine and feline distemper vaccines are given annually and must be current unless on a specific vaccine schedule as a kitten. Please be sure you have veterinary proof of current inoculations if your pet has received them at a clinic other than BridgeMill Animal Hospital. If your pet is not current vaccines, then we will gladly vaccinate your pet upon arrival.

Drop-off/ Pick-up: You can drop your pet off for boarding or pick-up from boarding any time within normal business hours. There are no penalty charges for changing your pick-up or drop-off dates or for cancelling boarding reservations, but we do ask that you try to give us the courtesy of at least a 24 hour notice of any changes especially if your pet has a bath/groom scheduled. Please arrive with enough time to fill out and review your boarding release form with us upon drop-off. It is critical that this form is reviewed with our staff as we will also go over the medical policy at this time. The release form can be found on our website and filled out ahead of time if you wish.

What to bring: 1.) All pets that come into the lobby must be on a leash or in a carrier for the safety of all clients and pets. We will remove collars for safety purposes prior to taking pets back to the boarding facility and ask that you take them home with you or we can label them and keep them with your belongings. 2.) We have bedding that we provide for your pet at no additional charge or you can bring your pet’s bedding from home. Please note: Some pets can become anxious in boarding and may chew, shred or destroy their bedding. If we notice this taking place we will remove the bedding for your pet’s safety. 3.) Toys will not be provided, but you are welcome to bring your pet’s toys from home. Some pets do not do well with toys and may possibly ingest them; therefore we do not take the risk of giving them unfamiliar toys. Again, if we notice your pets becoming destructive with their own toys they will be removed for safety purposes. 4.) Please bring all medications that are prescribed to your pet and provide dosing instructions where indicated on boarding release form.

Food: We feed dogs the Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Low Fat diet. Cats are fed the Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal High Energy diet. These diets are very bland and are less likely to cause intestinal issues due to a sudden change from their normal diet. You are welcome to provide your own food if you wish for your pet to remain on his/her regular diet while boarding with us. There is no additional charge for feeding our in-house kennel food. We will feed all pets based on the schedule you request indicated on your boarding release form.

Bath or Groom: Most clients prefer their pets to be bathed or groomed prior to being picked up from boarding. All grooms will be done by our groomer; availability is limited so please try to schedule grooms in advance. All grooms include a bath, haircut/shave of your choice, nail trim, anal gland expression, cleaning the ears and a bandana or bow of your choice. Grooms can be done Monday-Wednesday and on Friday.  All baths (not including a haircut) are done by kennel technicians and will include a nail trim, anal gland expression and cleaning the ears. Baths can be done Monday- Friday. It is best to schedule a bath the day you plan to pick-up or the day before scheduled pick-up. Please note: if your pet is scheduled to be groomed or have a bath on the same day as pick-up, then there will be a later pick-up time, usually 3:00pm or later.

When you get your dog home: Many dogs get extremely excited about seeing their owners and pant heavily in their excitement. Excitement can lead to your pet feeling more thirsty than normal. Pets sometimes stress over being away from home and away from their owners; loose stool may develop in response to this type of stress. When people go on vacation or have to stay away from home in unfamiliar places they often feel tired when they return home. Pets exhibit the same response to being away from their normal environment; it is to be expected they will want to rest in response to being back in their comfort zone.

Please call us with any questions, concerns and/or compliments regarding your pets’ boarding experience at BridgeMill Animal Hospital.

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