Canine Massage - BridgeMill Animal Hospital - Canton, GA

BridgeMill Animal Hospital

9560 Bells Ferry Road
Canton, GA 30114


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Canine Massage at BridgeMill Animal Hospital in Canton, GA



 Does your dog suffer from anxiety issues, fear, loud noise phobias, car rides, nail trims, or trips to your Veterinarian?


Does your dog suffer from arthritis, hip, or elbow dysplasia?


Does your dog suffer back problems or had a recent injury or surgery?


Canine Massage may help!

The benefits of massage for dogs and humans are almost the same, but it is performed much differently. Benefits may include:


 Providing pain relief

 Reducing anxiety, stress, & tension

 Increase in circulation

 Bringing strength to weakened muscles

 Restoring mobility and flexibility

 Behavioral problems

 Increased trust in humans

Ashley's Scope of Practice:


"As a Certified Canine Massage Practitioner, I am trained to initiate the self-healing of dogs through the use of knowledgeable, compassionate touch, compression, kneading, stretching and positional release.


I am not a Veterinarian and cannot diagnose, prescribe, or give medical advice. Issues that I am not trained to address will be referred to our Veterinarian(s) on staff."